Any type of coronavirus vaccine that uses the spike-protein will be deadly

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February 20, 2023- by Steven E. Greer, MD

A 2005 medical paper is resurfacing because it shows how any type of vaccine to treat coronavirus infections that uses the spike-protein of that virus will result in serious adverse events. The spike-protein causes massive inflammatory responses.

The Chinese national authors concluded, “However, caution should be taken with the safety of whole virus or full-length S protein-based immunogens in humans because they may induce harmful immune or inflammatory responses.” But the geniuses working for Fauci, namely EcoHealth and Peter Daszak, went ahead with their spike-protein plan, regardless. 

(The Chinese labs isolated this “S protein”. The CCP gets all of its technology from American labs by implanting Chinese national PhDs who then act as spies.)

True adverse event data on the mRNA gene therapies are being covered up because Fauci,  Pfizer, BioNtech, Moderna, and the Department of Defense’s DARPA want their weapon of mass destruction (i.e., the mRNA gene therapy) to be protected. However, the Novavax vaccine, which uses normal vaccine technology to deliver the spike-protein, is being destroyed by the adverse event data.

A doctor tweeted: “Reporting odds ratio values of higher than one indicate a higher-than-expected rate. For myocarditis following Novavax vaccination, the ratio was 5.2. For pericarditis, it was 24.75. For myopericarditis, or both conditions at once, it was 14.4.”

Why did Fauci, et al create a gene therapy that would implant this deadly spike-protein into billions of humans’ cells? Was it bumbling incompetence and laziness because that protein is the easiest to modify, or was the spike-protein used intentionally because they wanted to harm billions of people? It is a fact that the mRNA gene therapies were developed in bio-weapons labs funded by the DoD.


COVID mRNA gene therapies never worked and are now clearly harmful


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  1. Larry says:

    “I’m from the government and I’m here to help”

    Ronald Reagan was famously right with this line…

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