Are descendants of Nazis running the Western World with a Fourth Reich?

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June 7, 2022- by Steven E. Greer

On June 6, 1944, Allied troops landed on the French beaches of Normandy and elsewhere to attack German forces. It led to the downfall of Hitler and his Nazi regime.

For the second year in a row, the Biden White House ignored D-Day. That was not by accident or incompetence. Why might the White House snubbed such a glorious event in American history?

What if descendants of Nazis were in control of the White House and European leaders? That would certainly explain it.

The Great Reset Gang, or the Davos Man concept, has been exposed beyond any doubt as real and not a conspiracy theory. Klaus Schwab is the leader of this James Bond Spectre-like organization.

There are obvious similarities between Klaus Schwab and his megalomania comments to the Nazi movement. We are starting to see why.

Klaus was born in Germany in 1938 during the height of the Third Reich. His father was a senior executive at a manufacturing plant that made parts for the Nazi war machine.

One of Klaus’ Davos-Man creations is Chrystia Freeland, the Deputy Prime Minister of Canada. She is the one who froze bank accounts of truckers in Quebec and so forth. She is the granddaughter of a Nazi and tried to deny that as Russian misinformation.

We do know that this Great Reset movement started in Nazi Germany with Klaus Schwab and his father. Klaus then took it to nearby Switzerland. It appears to be a Fourth Reich resurrection of the failed Third Reich of Hitler’s Nazi party. World War II was about Germany getting revenge for World War I. This cold World War III is just a non-military effort to take over the world in the same way that Hitler tried with military weapons

This time, instead of Japan joining the Axis, the Asian counterpart is China. China is shutting down Shanghai and Beijing to prevent their factories from providing parts crucial to western industries. Even Japan’s Honda uses Chinese-made parts. China supplies so much to the world economy that they can cripple their enemies, such as the United States, if they shut off the supply of goods. China seems to have calculated that, if they sabotage their own GDP, it will hurt them less than it hurts the U.S., Japan, and Europe (Russia is in on this too).

Doing its share of the sabotage of the global economy, Klaus Schwab bragged at a Davos Man confab that he has started a “European Chips Act” ostensibly to reduce reliance on China for microchips. However, the opposite should be assumed as true until proven otherwise. The WEF “green initiative” is designed to destroy the automobile and oil/gas industry. China’s current sabotage of the chip supply is causing new cars from Mercedes, for example, to come with mechanical seats instead of automated electric seats. It would seem implausible that Klaus would want to increase production of chips as opposed to controlling and limiting their supply.

The ongoing World War III is being fought with economic weapons that translate into real death just like bombs. They are causing famine, drug overdoses, manmade viruses as WMDs, and concentration camps. New digital surveillance tools make what the Russians did in East Germany seem like child’s play.

The people in charge are of German descent with relatives who were actual Nazis. Even Jewish George Soros became a Nazi cooperator. However, no one in the media has connected these dots.

Update July 21, 2022- Nazis have been propped up and given power since WW2 by the CIA. This relates to the essay above. Douiglas Valentine, in his book, The CIA – 70 Years In Ukraine, writes, “The CIA hired a lot of Nazis after WWII, developed fascist assets in Ukraine for 70 years. NATO’s mandate is to roll back Russia. Ukraine has been the vanguard of this operation against Russia. US occupies Ukraine. Militias terrorize anybody supporting Russia.” 

Update August 26, 2022-

The President of the EU is a woman named Ursula von der Leyen. I saw her speak in this video where she admits that the EU is following the WEF plan for the Great Reset. “Certainly, we have to write a new rulebook” for things like: – Data (privacy) – Democracy – Security (social credit)”

She has that same German lisp as Klaus Schwab, “ze new wulebook for ze digital economy”. I looked her up, and sure enough, her parents were in Germany during WW2, which makes her either a Nazi descendant or someone who feels that her heritage was wrongly tarnished by the loss in the war.

Of note, she is the only Davos Man in this G7 photo left standing at this point. (Macron lost control of his government and I consider Biden and Trudeau to be on their way out.  The Netherland’s PM, Mark Rutte, is a Davos Man too and he is close to being ousted.)

Update September 1, 2022- Biden delivered a bizarre official White House speech from Freedom Hall whereby he decreed that more than half of America is an enemy to the Republic. The boogie man was the “MAGA” people. They staged the TV show to look like a Hitler rally. They coached Biden to use hand gestures like Hitler. None of this was by accident. Biden is a puppet of the WEF and the Klaus Schwab is trying Nazi tactics to take ever the world.

Update September 8, 2022- “Tucker Carlson covers my @TheGrayzoneNews report exposing the Pentagon’s invitation of multiple Ukrainian Nazis to Disney World, where comedian Jon Stewart honored a former fascist militant for his “personal example.””

Update January 10, 2023- Unbelievable but WEF is looking explicitly for young blond girls (age between 18-26 years old) to work at WEF in Davos. For €150 per day.- just like Hitler’s Aryan Nation

Update February 18, 2023- Canada Emergencies Act Inquiry Chrystia Freeland (daughter of a Nazi): “Freezing bank accounts” was a powerful tool to discourage participation and to incentivize protestors to leave…”

Update March 9, 2023- Victoria Nuland had a hand in every US intervention in the past 30 years. She knew about Ukraine Nazis but decided to ignore this.

Update April 17, 2023- Ukraine’s Considers Honoring Top Nazi Collaborator Who Approved Unit With ‘Absolute Obedience’ to Adolf Hitler.’

NYT- UkrainNazi Symbols on Ukraine’s Front Lines Highlight Thorny Issues of History-Troops’ use of patches bearing Nazi emblems risks fueling Russian propaganda and spreading imagery that the West has spent a half-century trying to eliminate.

Update September 22, 2023-

Can someone please explain to us why a Jewish President of Ukraine and the entire parliament of Canada gave a standing ovation to a man who fought for the 14th Waffen Grenadier Division of the SS during World War 2? Does the ADL/ Hope Not Hate/MSM have anything to say about it?

Update January 23, 2024-

Federal government’s decision to invoke Emergencies Act against convoy protests was unreasonable, court rules



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One Response to Are descendants of Nazis running the Western World with a Fourth Reich?

  1. Chester says:

    And the overrun of our border by Central and South American uneducated masses is the destabilization of our economy

    Take away American guns and lifting of the Trump China tariffs so that we and American manufacturers are weak like Australia and they have accomplished what the Germans failed in WW1 and WW2: the takedown of the greatest country in the world without firing a shot

    The FBI is currently being purged of conservatives …security clearances being revoked due to whistleblowers

    They needed someone as President they could buy to look the other way – dementia sock puppet Biden and his corrupt family and narcissist Vogue cover wife

    FYI I have often thought that is truly puzzling and an betrayal and failure that American political leaders allowed Germany to continue as a country after the utter destruction and death caused by this country in WW1 and ww2 –

    Merkel caused the destabilization of Europe by allowing refugees to flood her country and appears this is happening to USA

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