As I said, the Democrats are having their own Civil War now

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January 19, 2018- by Steven Greer

Boy oh boy, the insane liberals are finally coming to terms with reality. I watched HBO’s Bill Maher tonight (after he took two-months off to hide from the #MeToo pitchfork mob because he is the next victim) in order to gauge the mood of the left, and I noticed some things:

  1. A) He cut down on the Trump jokes in his monologue, knowing it looks pathetic now. The memo has gone out that 2018 will end the attempt by the media to impeach Trump (I said that Trump would survive this).
  2. B) The no-class amoral liberal scum are now going after Melania Trump with vile jokes about sex, and insinuating that she is a mail-order prostitute. They are tone deaf, bashing a woman in the middle of the Hollywood mob going after misogynists. Why are they attacking Melania? I suppose they think that she looks too admirable to too many young women, or it could be pure vitriolic jealousy and hate.
  3. C) Maher could once again book no guests that anyone has heard of. Only certain factions of the Hollywood elite want this show to be on the air.
  4. D) Disgraced author Michael Wolff, recently lambasted by Saturday Night Live as being unreliable, was a parody of himself on Maher’s show. He is now alluding to some secret paragraph in his book where he insinuates that President Trump is having an affair right now. He said that he did not explicitly state this in the book, however, because he lacked proof. Well, that is one way of putting it. In other words, he has no evidence and it is just a rumor he wants to believe.
  5. E) Liberal gay activist guest, Andrew Sullivan, was supportive of Trump’s stance on the wall and of ending the visa lottery. Bill Maher pointed out that liberal Canada is much more restrictive on immigration than we are, which was his way of supporting Trump’s immigration policies.
  6. F) As the live show was airing, the senate was close to rejecting the spending the bill with the DACA “dreamers” provision tied to it. I have a sense that they all know Chuck Schumer screwed this up badly and that the Democrats will look like the bad guys when the government shuts down.

The bottom line is that I will be surprised on Monday if we do not see that the shutdown will be blamed on feckless Chuck Schumer the Democrats. If I were Trump, I would keep the government shut down to really drive home the point that the Democrats are placing the well-being of illegal aliens over US citizens.

Bill Maher closed the show by tearing into the #MeToo irrational fascist movement. He singled out Senator Kirsten Gillibrand for being an idiot. She is trying to become a 2020 presidential candidate. Bill is clearly trying to nip that in the bud, and Bill speaks for the elites in Hollywood.

I said this in my essay months ago, but the Democrats are undergoing their own revolution now. There is still no clear winner. The old establishment leaders are still in power and no alternative has yet emerged.

Update February 25, 2018- The California State Democratic party voted to endorse an unheard of state politician to run for U.S. Senate instead of veteran Dianne Feinstein.

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