Asphalt Green angers some ardent supporters

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June 16, 2013- By Steven E. Greer, MD

BatteryPark.TV previously reported in detail the complex political infighting that caused the former BPCA administration to intentionally stall the opening of the Asphalt Green community center. One reason that the malfeasance stopped and the center was finally allowed to open was the community outrage that ensued.

BatteryPark.TV has learned that Carol Tweedy, the Executive Director of Asphalt Green, invited only select members of the community to a private gathering at Asphalt Green last week, yet failed to invite the community organizers who were the strongest advocates for the center. This has angered or insulted many of Asphalt Green’s biggest supporters.

Jamie Propp, a BPC resident who lives above Asphalt Green, and who organized the online petition and rally last October, said, “I felt that the least the Asphalt Green leadership could do was to invite those in the community who came to their aid and rallied for their cause when their chips were down. It’s a community center after all, so let’s start off by building community!”

According to sources, Asphalt Green management, “Had a small reception for the board and their families, donors, long time uptown and downtown supporters, and family of all the staff who have worked on the project. CB1 members were invited, as well as the BPCA staff, many of whom attended.”

Recall, many members of the CB1 were complicit with the BPCA in trying to renegotiate the contract and stall the opening. Also, Anne Fenton of the BPCA, who was a key architect of the deception campaign that misled the community as to the reasons for the delays, was invited and in attendance at the Asphalt Green secret VIP event last week.

The list of “downtown supporters” invited seemed arbitrary and unfair to those left off of the guest list. For example, local resident Liz McCabe was invited, while Jamie Propp was not, nor were any of the others who helped with the October rally and online petitions, to our knowledge.

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