Asphalt Green is failing miserably

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Update January 31, 2016- There were hints at this during the BPCA Town Hall (read below, and video above). Asphalt Green is failing miserably and the Upper East Side company is treating our BPC gift to them like an unwanted child.

At the CB1 meeting this month, Brian Beary of Asphalt Green discussed the alleged “low demand” for community cooking classes asked permission to remove the expensive kitchen built by your tax dollars. They want to eliminate all non-sporting community activities, such as cooking classes, acting classes, etc. Beary admitted that his company has no experience with such programs.

The contract between the BPCA and Asphalt Green generously provides for funding to upkeep the facility for the first three years, which expires in June of this year. Therefore, Asphalt Green wants to no longer provide the upkeep for the theater, kitchen, art rooms, etc.

BatteryPark.TV has stated previously that Asphalt Green is poorly managed and that the luxurious, state-of-the-art, $70 Million facility would be better managed by the BPCA staff who currently run the Stuyvesant Community Center. Indeed, The BPCA is looking at changing the current status quo (read below).

December 18, 2015- by Steven E. Greer

At the December 16th Town Hall, BPCA President Shari Hyman and Chairman Dennis Mehiel discussed the problems that Asphalt Green is having in getting any interest in their community classes. Based on our observations, the Asphalt Green staff seems to be the problem, and not the lack of demand for cooking classes, etc.

Hyman then mentioned that, “(Commitments by the BPCA were made)….and since there is a lack of interest (in Asphalt Green), how best we can use this resource is the next topic of focus for us.”.

Given the past history of Mehiel’s administration, one should assume that he means they will be trying to cancel the contract in place. Currently, the BPCA subsidizes Asphalt Green considerably, and it was a pet project of a previous administration and previous governor.

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  1. kdlibny says:

    When I looked at courses they were outrageously

  2. Mike Wiese says:

    I like the option for the cultural offerings but have seen it expensive or better served by other places. If AG wants to transform their spaces into something that would have demand and in line with a sports facility, they should consider create batting cages like at Chelsea Piers. Baseball kids and parents want to play year round and will pay for instruction. And with Downtown Little League, there is a large group of boys and girls who will keep it busy year round.

    Mike Wiese

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