Autocracy Watch: 7-1-2021

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Autocracy Watch:

  • The same far-left that rigged the 2020 election will not let Eric Adams by NYC Mayor and are rigging this “ranked choice” horse shit. Wake up liberals. They stole Bernie from you to help Hillary and now they are taking away your black liberal mayor.
  • Arizona Senate, on a 16-14 vote, just passed #HB2898 officially banning Critical Race Theory.
  • DeBlasio’s intentionally crime-ridden city
  • SCOTUS upholds AZ voting laws
  • Top GOP finally backs NSA reform after Tucker Carlson incident
  • Ha! Liz Cheney to help Pelosi on January 6 panel
  • Trump CFO arrested for no reason other than being a Trump scalp for the AOC

Scamdemic Watch:

  • ‘Delta Variant’ Scaremongering: Fauci’s Last Stand?
  • According to a report by @SecondStreetOrg, at least 2,367 people are confirmed to have died in 2020 while on the wait list for a surgery.


(see video above that YouTube censored and I had to use Rumbl) Here’s a credible scientist who was censored by YouTube for simply mentioning ivermectin and other drugs that can be used early to prevent people from dying of the virus. I’ve been saying this for 18 months.

The second biggest crime of this whole pandemic, aside from Anthony Fauci creating the virus in the first place, was the decision by the established medical centers and government agencies to prevent the use of readily available drug that would have prevented death when given early. I don’t care what age you are or underlying conditions, we have drug that can treat this virus. I already have a lawsuit against Governor Cuomo.

I might start launching freedom of information lawsuits against hospitals and and state agencies to get to the bottom of who ordered this insanity. There must be accountability.

MDs have lost any right to self regulate as a profession.


Other News:

  • Kamala Harris Staffers Are Leaking — And Her Office Is A ‘Dysfunctional’ Mess
  • Harvey Weinstein’s lawyers praise court’s decision to overturn Cosby conviction
  • Donald Rumsfeld died
  • U.S. Wins International Backing for Global Minimum Tax
  • The U.S. Supreme Court (SCOTUS) on Thursday sided with the Americans For Prosperity Foundation (AFP) against Acting California Attorney General Matthew Rodriguez in favor of keeping non-profit donor records private, smacking down a measure pushed by Vice President Kamala Harris that conservatives feared could be used to target them.


Wait a second. I’ve been right about space launches all along. I have long wondered why it does it make more sense to drop a smaller rocket off the bottom of the jet that is 50,000 feet in the air. That would get rid of the huge booster rocket stage. I just assumed that I was wrong for some reason.

But no. Virgin Galactic just launched a satellite into space that was launched from the bottom of a 747.

I suppose Elon Musk and Bezos are doing it this way because they gave plans of getting huge items off the ground that will go to Mars. But if your goal is simply to launch a small satellite, it’s better to drop it from the bottom of an airplane.

By the way, good for Richard Branson. He was the first egomaniac rich guy to try to go into space and then his program was exposed for being poorly planned. I had written him off. But he went public with Virgin Galactic and started on a whole new technology. It seems to be working. He himself will probably go into space this weekend. Has plans for a tourist hotel in space.

Elon Musk’s honeymoon is over. He has competition in space and automobiles now. Richard Branson is launching satellites for a reason. He’s going to get satellite Internet to compete with Elon musk.

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  1. LB says:

    “MDs have lost any right to self regulate as a profession.”


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