Let there be turf

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Update March 11, 2013

DSC00500Update February 22, 2013

The BPCA has selected the contractor to replace the ballfields. It will be Applied Landscape Technologies. The BPCA website stated, “Locally, the company which is an authorized installer of AstroTurf systems, has done more than 100 AstroTurf fields at New York City parks and educational facilities including Long Island University and Kingsborough Community College, both in Brooklyn. In addition, their AstroTurf fields have been installed for the Tampa Bay Rays and at the Baltimore Orioles training complex, Boston College, Rutgers University and Olympic Park in Chicago.

“The Battery Park City Ball Fields are a vital resource that become more important every year as the downtown community continues to grow. It is essential that they are in playing condition at the first possible opportunity,” Mr. Mehiel said, adding that barring unforeseen field conditions or major weather events, installation could be completed in April....After the storm-damage assessment Mr. Mehiel directed BPCA staff to compress schedules wherever possible while the legal process associated with public Request for Proposals (RFP) process was completed. BPCA detached the removal of the damaged turf from the RFP’s scope of work in order to have that phase completed prior to the contract award. As a practical matter, that reduces the duration of the project.”

Field stripped 4

January 29, 2013

The BPCA has hired a construction crew to removed the old artificial turf ballfields.

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