Bar CYRK is dead

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Bar CYRK outsideUpdate September 7, 2017- Told you so. A local blogger said that this place has closed.

Update September 27, 2015- Almost one year ago, Bar Cyrk opened. I had a feeling that it would not take off. I walked in last night on a Saturday and four dudes were drinking.

What has been your experience there? Did I step in on an unusually slow night?

October 25, 2014- By Steven E. Greer

I randomly decided to go to Bar CYRK on the night which happened to be its grand opening. It is located at 88 Thomas Street (around the corner from J. Crew on Hudson Street, near Bouley) off the beaten path of Hudson Street. The owners, Eric Schlagman and Miriam Rothstein, also own the entire building.

Martini Bar CYRKThe owners have spent four years constructing this establishment with their own hands as a labor of love. The pewter bar top and tables were pounded into shape by Eric. The many thousands of wall tiles were hand placed by his spouse and co-owner Miriam.

Bar cYRK interiorThey did a nice job too. The bar seats were comfortable, first of all, which is often not the case. The interior design, which is that of a circus theme, has three custom-blown glass chandeliers representing the three rings of a circus and a gold ceiling shaped like a tent. This place will make a sophisticated wealthy Tribecan or BPC patron feel comfortable.

Bar CYRKs communty pewter tableBar CYRK will be an all-day operation, starting in the morning with in-house-made croissants and pour-over coffee. The lunch and dinner will be dominated by the pizzas. Miriam is the chef.

Owners Bar CYRK Pour over bar cyrkPizza counter Bar CYRK


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