Battery Park City on Ice

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Update September 14, 2010

BPC resident Matt Fenton is reporting that the seasonal ice skating rink which was installed this winter on top of the grass playing fields might not be repeated this year as the rink company, Rink Management Services, is hesitant to bring it back. There are reports that the rink was not profitable enough.

“RMS was disappointed in the rink’s financial performance. A spokesman for RMS did not return calls requesting comment…. “Right now, everything is up in the air,” Linda Belfer, chair of the Battery Park City Committee, said afterward. “The Authority clearly issued the RFP because they hope to have another manager in there this winter, and open the rink again. But whether they will be able to do that is not clear.”

BatteryPark.TV had a bad experience with Rink Management Services. BP.TV created a video feature of the rink as a public service and did not charge the rink for the video production. However, the management company was unappreciative. In fact, the company actually stole our content and placed it on their own website. In the course of dealing with Rink Management Services, many of the executives seemed unethical, in our opinion. An alternative ice rink company would be an improvement.

January 2010

An ice rink has been opened on the ball fields north of the Goldman Sachs building. It will be open until February. Rental skates and lessons are available.


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