BatteryPark.TV accomplishments for 2014

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Grass field 2December 17, 2014- By Steven E. Greer

It has been a very active year for government oversight. The following list of stories highlights the accomplishments made by BatteryPark.TV in 2014. The role of BP.TV ranges from partially affecting a change to being completely responsible. Of course, each story was usually assisted by our secret sources who share our cause.

For 2015, we would like to see more community participation, and we might be able to finally chase out the snakes from our quaint little community.

4-way stop signs installed on West Thames

Exclusive: Pier A does not yet have a liquor license

CBS covers our story on the Pier A beer garden

Exclusive: The Poulakakos plan for the Pier-A visitor center is being investigated by NY State Parks

Chaos at the BPCA

Exclusive: NY State Civil Rights department investigates the BPCA

The Post covers our story on BPCA raises

New York Times covers the North Cove Marina saga

The Tunnel to Towers no longer fits well within BPC

Did BatteryPark.TV cause a school to be added to the controversial Howard Hughes Seaport tower?

BatteryPark.TV reporting leads to ouster of PEP Captain Falcon

Exclusive: Is the BPCA paying the city for no-show PEP officers?

Exclusive: Bob Townley and Sheldon Silver’s push to take over Stuyvesant Community Center has stalled

Exclusive: Bob Townley’s Manhattan Youth investigated by State Attorney General

Gristedes south is being gutted and renovated

How to fight billionaire LeFrak without a lawyer and win

Exclusive: Have rent increases in BPC been illegal?

BatteryPark.TV gets results, water turned on at Kowsky Plaza

BPCA’s Fernando Mateo no longer listed as board member

BatteryPark.TV reporting leads to changes at top of WTC security

Jeff Galloway’s “temporary” fence removed by BPCA

NY Times covers local BPC effort to stop helicopter noise

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