BatteryPark.TV causes changes at the top in Medicare

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September 29, 2013-By Steven E. Greer, MD

In June of 2012, BatteryPark.TV published an influential Op-Ed in the WSJ exposing an $11 Billion program of the ACA Law (ObamaCare) as pure pork. The Director of the Program, Richard Gilfillan, MD, made a rare rebuttal in public. We then published a follow-up letter in the WSJ.



The publications triggered multiple oversight hearings in the House and Senate. The House Ways and Means Committee investigated with this letter. The Senate Finance Committee held this hearing.

We have learned that Dr. Gilfillan has now left his post and is no longer working for CMS (Medicare and Medicaid). Washington insiders attributed his departure as a direct result of the investigations.

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