BatteryPark.TV defeats Jimmy Fallon and NBC legal

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August 29, 2014- By Steven E. Greer, MD

BatteryPark.TV previously reported on a case of copyright dispute, whereby an embarrassed staff of the Dr. Oz show complained to YouTube about a clip BP.TV made exposing Dr. Oz as a quack. BP.TV appealed, and the clip was restored.

Recently, BP.TV posted a story called “Jimmy Fallon is a douchebag: Reason #15” in response to a joke he made about Charlie Rose. Once again, the bullies in mainstream media complained to YouTube claiming that BP.TV stole a copyrighted video.

Once again, BP.TV appealed, claiming that it was “fair use”.

Once again, BP.TV prevailed. The clip was restored by YouTube.

The take home message here is “Don’t mess with BatteryPark.TV’s freedom of the press, bitches”.

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