Breaking News: BatteryPark.TV helps save the Little League season

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IMG_0056January 18, 2013 By Steven E. Greer, MD

As a direct result of BatteryPark.TV’s reporting that lengthy RFPs are not required before beginning the repair work on the ballfields (other sources such as the Broadsheet were incorrectly reporting on the topic), the BPCA has agreed to scrap the RFP process and initiated expedited repairs. The Downtown Little League President tissue this memo today.

Dear DLL Parent,

After weeks of discussions led by his office, Assembly Speaker Sheldon Silver today announced that the Battery Park City Authority has adopted a new and expedited repair schedule for the Ballfields in Battery Park City.

Based on these discussions, we anticipate, and will now begin to plan for, a full season of baseball and softball for our children!

We thank Assembly Speaker Sheldon Silver and State Senator Daniel Squadron for their dedication efforts to save our 2013 Downtown Little League season.  We thank Councilmember Margaret Chin for her support in finding additional fields. We also thank BPCA Chair Dennis Mehiel for his urgent attention to all facets of community recovery in the wake of last Hurricane Sandy

Bill Martino, President, Downtown Little League


“I have been working with the Battery Park City Authority to ensure that the Little League fields are open in time for the upcoming season. The BPCA has assured me that it has expedited the process of replacing the fields, which will be open sooner than initially estimated. I am also extremely pleased that, as part of their ongoing effort to help New Yorkers recover from Hurricane Sandy, Jeff Wilpon and the ownership of the New York Mets have graciously offered to provide valuable technical advice to help move this process forward as quickly as possible. I want to thank the Wilpon’s and New York Mets family for their commitment to the children of Lower Manhattan. I will continue working with them and with the BPCA to get these fields open for the new season.”

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  1. Joe says:

    Great reporting on your part.

    You were right … again!

    Thanks for your great work.

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