Best guitar I have heard since David Gilmour on Comfortably Numb

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June 8, 2017- I mentioned before how I really enjoyed discovering some great Springsteen albums only recently after I read his book. Well, I bought another batch of studio albums and found some more gems.

In the 2014 “High Hopes” album, the new version of “The Ghost of Old Tom Joad” gave me chills down my spine when I heard Tom Morello’s guitar work (see video).

I am such an idiot too. A friend of mine in DC reminded me that I saw Tom Morello play this very same song during a MusicCorp wounded warrior band benefit with Roger Waters in 2015. I interviewed the fricken band, but forgot Morello was there.

When Springsteen entered the modern record production era with The Rising, he made several great albums. I recommend:

  • The Rising. 2002. About the post-9/11 time in New York. I was there, so this means something to me.
  • Wrecking Ball: 2012. About the struggles across America after the financial collapse. Again, it speaks to me.
  • High Hopes: 2014. He recut many of his old acoustic sings with Tom Morello and the full E Street Band.
  • Working on a Dream. 2009. I have not yet vetted it, but it is promising.
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