Best photos of the year: 2015

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911 spot lights looking straight up 2015

These images are low resolution and blurry. We recommend that you click on each image to see it in full-screen HD.

Sunburst over Hudson 11-1-2015White House south lawn 2015 lowImmigrant with American flag July 4 2015Sunset 10-15-2015 lowElectric unicycleBumble bee closeEl Luchador wideLuminaries from groundLe District meat counter steaksMe looking up at sunflower 8-19-2015Pier A spider zoomMaudeHelicopter silhouette fireworks explosionred rose 7-2-2015South Cove piles with grass on them 6-28-2015Fisherman sleeping at night south cove bench Tall white flowers South Cove nightEl Vez cheeseburger 6-22-2015Swedish festival brunette blondGarden purple pipe cleanersLe District Island Creek Oysters closeTear Drop Park tunnelDog by basketball courtsTerrierSunset 5-28-2015 cClocktower cheeseburgerLady pising in white dress in Conrad hotelPier A lobsterManuel Racim lady with shirtsNatiaLe District bakery chocolare pain and coffeeLe District ham-and-cheese baguetteBattery Park Conservancy open 8Belle Reve Paul GerardSt George Felix Lee flashPaul Smith managersJ Crew managersUnion Station Shake Shacksnow on bushes 3-20-2015Hudson ice 2-24-2015three at Belle reveDancer Belle Reve with VinceSkywalker Melissa CacciolaParm ZalaznickRed sunset a 1-24-2015Chicken schnitzel at Batard top viewMartha Gallo BPCA 1-22-2015 Mehiel 2 BPCA 1-22-2015Robin Forst BPCA 1-22-2015Sunset 12-7-2014

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  1. Bijan Salehizadeh, MD says:

    You are very talented at photography. Good stuff

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