Big Chuck to rule the senate soon

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SchumerMarch 28, 2015- (As soon as the Republicans self destruct, the Democrats will control the senate again. Then, )New York’s own Senator Chuck Schumer will be the majority leader, according to the WSJ. “The retirement of Senate Minority Leader Harry Reid could come with a gift to New York: the possibility Sen. Charles Schumer may succeed him in a role almost certain to bring increased influence to the state.

New York’s senior senator is considered the likeliest replacement for Mr. Reid of Nevada, who endorsed Mr. Schumer on Friday as he announced he would leave Congress in 2016.

Other names also have come up, such as that of Senate Minority Whip Richard Durbin of Illinois. So far, however, the favorite for the post is Mr. Schumer, 64 years old, the third-term senator from Brooklyn.

If chosen, Mr. Schumer would become the first senator from the state to serve as Senate Minority Leader in at least a century. Sen. James Wolcott Wadsworth, Jr., a Republican from New York, held the top GOP office in the Senate in 1915.”

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