The other Goldman Sachs bike junkyard

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orderly delivery bikes by Shake ShackUpdate July 20, 2014- The bikes by Shake Shack are much more orderly.

Pick a Bagel junk bikes December 2013Pick a Bagel junk bikes December 2013 wideUpdate December 5, 2013- Pick-A-Bagel is still being allowed to store unused junk bikes in plain view of well-kept Blue Smoke and Brookfield Place . Note the bent wheel. Owner Alan Philips is to blame.

Bikes by Shae Shack 2Bikes by Shake Shack 1Update April 26, 2013- On the other side of the building, by Shake Shack, is another bike junkyard caused by deliverymen storing their unused bikes, while off-duty. At any given time, there are only a few deliverymen, but there are 20 bikes constantly chained illegally taking away space for tourists, and creating an eyesore.

pick a bagel bikes 3

Update April 21, 2013- The bike junkyard is back in full force.

March 10, 2013- Someone “got the memo” and made Pick-A-Bagel organize their pile of junk bikes a bit better, but it is still unacceptable. At any one time, only a handful of deliverymen are working. Extra bikes should not be stored in the public spaces, taking away from tourists or locals who need to use the bike racks.


March 1, 2013

This is an unfortunate site right in front of Goldman Sachs alley. The bikes should not be chained to the trees, and there certainly should not be spare parts such as wheels laying about. Pick-A-Bagel is owned by Alan Phillips.


The other Pick-A-Bagel on South End Avenue has the same problem.


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3 Responses to The other Goldman Sachs bike junkyard

  1. mtizzle says:

    I cant believe that many people order deliveries from them. I wouldn’t eat their bagels if they were free.

  2. Helene says:

    BPCA should install bike racks so everyone’s bikes can be chained in an orderly and safe manner. The bikes don’t bother me as much as the filthy sidewalk and curb in front of the pizza place, the supermarket, etc. on Southend Ave., especially on Saturday mornings. Why are the residential buildings required to hose down their sidewalks and Gateway doesn’t wash their sidewalk?

  3. admin says:

    We have arranged for Gateway to hook up hoses near SouthWestNY and by the Cafe farther north. Soon, they will be turned on and supposedly those places will indeed be power washing. This is 100% due to BatteryPark.TV. Thank you for your concerns as well.


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