Bikes stolen, PEP don’t notice

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Bike remainingDecember 13, 2013- This bike used to be chained along with a matching bike of a different color, on Rector Place and South End Avenue. Someone cut the lock and stole the seconds bike. The PEP did not take it, according to the officer answering the phones at 6:00 PM today. Moreover, it would be unusual for them to confiscate one and not the other.

What is interesting is how this bike has been sitting like this, yet no PEP have spotted the problem. BatteryPark.TV has previously reported on the lack of patrolling by the PEP, and how PEP officers paid for by BPCA funds are reassigned to other parks.

Bike lock cutExclusive: Is the BPCA paying the city for no-show PEP officers?

Exclusive: BPCA pays for park staff reassigned to non-BPC parks

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