Billion dollar WTC performing arts center going nowhere fast

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December 13, 2102

BatteryPark.TV has previously proposed a performing arts center to be constructed by the BPCA in the WFC renovation sites. One reason for this was that the billion-dollar performing arts center planned for the World Trade Center is stalled, just like the 9/11 Memorial is stalled. The city and the state do not have the cash.

On December 6th, an update on the WTC performing arts center was given to the Community Board. The Tribeca Tribune posted a story.

To summarize the article, the LMDC will be the key organization to get the WTC center moving, but that is unlikely since various officials are calling for the LMDC to be liquidated. A vote is supposed to happen this month to release $1 Million pay for fund raising and staff, but that vote might not occur.


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