Bizarre Merrill Lynch commercial

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Update: September 7, 2011

With Bank of America barely staying in business, management made some changes. Sally Krawcheck was fired.

February 3, 2011

We found this YouTube of an online video advertisement for Merrill Lynch wealth management to be bizarre. First, Sally Krawcheck is moderating an infomercial, literally. It is a staged news roundtable. Secondly, she seems quite awkward on video, with unnatural hand gestures: almost spastic. This is unusual for someone who has given so many speeches before large groups.

For those who do not know, Ms. Krawcheck was the CFO of Citigroup during a time when it was buying those ill-conceived toxic debt instruments called CDO’s. These later destroyed the company, and but for the taxpayer TARP bailout, Citi would no longer exist. She is now managing wealthy people on their assets.


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