BlackTail at Pier-A closes

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January 9, 2020- from Pier-A company:

ANNOUNCEMENT: ‪On January 11, BlackTail in New York City will serve its last cocktail. We thank our guests, our devoted team and our colleagues in the bar world, who have demonstrated their enormous support for BlackTail over the years. We have much to be proud of and enough fond memories and stories to fill a book.‬ ‪Operating a bar, especially in a challenging location, proved to be a stretch economically, despite our best intentions and our deep love of the bar. We are still 100% behind BlackTail’s concept of channeling an American bar in Cuba and look forward to reopening the bar in a new location, whether in New York City or elsewhere.‬ ‪In the meantime, we are devoting our full attention to The Dead Rabbit’s expansion to New Orleans, which is scheduled to open in October. If you’re in the Big Easy this fall, we invite you to swing by the historic French Quarter for the same Taproom experience you’ve come to enjoy in the Big Apple. ‬ ‪We are also considering rolling out The Dead Rabbit to other cities over the next few years, including Boston, Nashville and Washington, DC, and perhaps even going overseas to Dublin, Ireland. ‬ ‪Rest assured that our relentless commitment to excellence and exceptional hospitality will continue to be the bedrock of all of our bars, now and forever.‬ ‪Stay tuned…

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