Shake Shack goes public, to be traded under ticker SHAK

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Double burger Shake Shack

Update December 29, 2014- It is official. The S1 is filed. Shake Shack is going public under ticker SHAK.

March 19, 2014- A blog about stock IPO’s purely conjectures and speculates about the merits of Union Square Hospitality Group’s ability to spin off Shake Shack as a public company. We believe that there are no plans whatsoever for doing this. Nevertheless, the blog article raises the question, “What would Shake Shack be worth?”.

To answer that question, it would require the smartest investment bankers to build revenue models, and discount back the cash to present day value. No banker would be willing to go on record for such a discussion.

Well, it just so happens that this author did that stuff for a living, and pioneered some of the methods of valuation widely used now on Wall Street. We refer you to our story, below:

What is the valuation of Union Square Hospitality Group?

Danny Meyer tours his newest Shake Shack in Battery Park

Why Union Square Hospitality Group is the best in the business




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