Blue Smoke kicks it up a notch

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March 17, 2013 By Steven E. Greer

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Under the new management of Andrea Borgen and Mikayla Cohen, the Battery Park City Blue Smoke has revamped the menu, checking off most of the items on the BatteryPark.TV wish list of improvements. The former menu played it safe and avoided serving brisket, for example, because it is too easily made substandardly, while the mother ship Blue Smoke in Midtown did offer brisket.

All of that is changed. Added to the menu now is beef brisket, a much needed BBQ chicken offering, and Chicken sandwichmore of the favorite side dishes from Midtown. The new sampler called “Rhapsody in ‘Cue” has all of the above. Most importantly, almost as if by special request of BP.TV, our suggested innovation of the breaded chicken sandwich is now on the menu (but not always), and receiving a great reception.

Also on our list of improvements from previous BP.TV reviews of Blue Smoke was the odd dessert menu. The non-classic choices of pie and other desserts have been eliminated.

To be clear, the old Blue Smoke, on its worst day, was still a high quality restaurant. Now, it will hopefully join the ranks of Hill Country and Blue Smoke Midtown.

255 Vesey Street (By Goldman Sachs) (212) 889-2005Blue Smoke sampler

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