Bob Townley wants the BPCA’s “Googles of money”

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November 22, 2013- At the joint session of the CB1, the Stuyvesant community center resolution was rehashed, with plenty of bloviating. Watch Bob Townley, the architect of the efforts to oppose the closing of the Stuyvesant community center, claim his interests are altruistic, and not rooted in his desire to make a land grab for the space.

Sadly for Mr. Townley, once again, not a single elected official showed up to support him. Even Sheldon Silver’s surrogate sat in the back quietly.

At the 1:20 mark of the video, Mr. Townley makes a Freudian slip and says, “It’s about the BPCA and their googles of money…” BP.TV has previous reported on Mr. Townley losing his free grants from the BPCA which were pumping in $250,000 a year to his Manhattan Youth, without a proper contract RFP. All of the posturing about Stuyvesant community center seems to be more and more just Mr. Townley’s attempt to get a foothold in BPC to justify why grant support should resume.

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