Boy walking to school struck, killed by truck

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December 20, 2013- Related to local efforts to allow kids to take buses to school, a New York City boy was struck by a struck and killed. The Post has more.

PS 276 parents want buses allowed to take kids to school

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2 Responses to Boy walking to school struck, killed by truck

  1. mtizzle says:

    That is just outrageous. Bureaucracy at its worst. Sign the form for the kids!

  2. KG says:

    This is exactly what PS276 BPC School is trying to avoid. It’s not a question of “if” it will’s “when” will it happen.
    And now we are losing AL, our one pedestrian crossing guard at the end of this year. The OPT needs to provide safe transportation in a school bus to the 30 children, plus additional 10 siblings, they frivolously denied hazard variances for before they have blood on their hands!

    A parent of two children who attend PS276 that live east of the West Side Highways.

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