BPC has a second dog sewer slash sidewalk for humans

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Dog sewer by Asphalt Green other directionFebruary 10, 2016- I have noticed that many dog owners in the Milstein building that holds Asphalt Green use the sidewalk as their own personal dog sewer. Of course, neither Milstein nor Asphalt Green bother to power spray wash the sidewalk.

So, in addition to the strip in front of Gateway, there is now a second dog sewer in BPC. The man most vocally supportive of protecting this practice is Jeff Galloway.

Dog sewer by Asphalt Green

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  1. KC says:

    Nice read on your article about the dog sewer. It is right on point, but I would expand it. Try walking on Warren Street, on the south side between the river to West street and just count the amount of landmines deposited on the sidewalk. Took a mental count one day and saw more than 7 and it doesn’t count the pee or the ones that were obscured in the cobble stone! Every morning I see fresh evidence of dog excrement along that stretch.

    Wouldn’t it be nice if every dog owner must register for morning clean up service one day a month to get out there to clean up the mess of all dog owners. Maybe then, dog owners would be more responsible about cleaning up (and cleaning up thoroughly) rather than imposing the cost on everyone else.

    This is a topic that it itching to be written up so that some action may be taken.

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