BPC has highest housing price jump in the country

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BPC aerial view 3March 22, 2014- Bloomberg and Zillow have a report on the cities with the largest housing price jumps. Battery Park City topped the chart, with an average 97% increase in prices, year over year.

housig price jumps

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6 Responses to BPC has highest housing price jump in the country

  1. Editor says:

    To “mo”

    Good question. Yes, the entire national housing market is likely in a bubble, but BPC home are still 30% cheaper than Tribeca because of the unresolved ground lease that needs renewed. The BPCA needs to act and the prices would shoot up more.

  2. Roman says:

    Bloomberg is pulling out the number out of their @#$%, I know I used to work there. I guess next month it will be down by 45%. Any new building that does significant number of sales would bring the median quite high, as you know new construction is generally at least 2-3beds plus 50% more per sqft for being new and larger. I’m sure when 22 and 41 river terrace go on sale, it’s gonna go up another 30%:)

  3. Editor says:

    To Roman

    I tend to agree and thought the same thing. One $12 Million apartment in the Ritz will skew things, etc.

    Also, the Bloomberg list of Billionaires is total guesswork, as you suggested.

  4. We have been waiting for this and it was bound to happen. Anyone with kids will figure out this is the place to live and raise your family. With the addition of PS 276 in Southern Battery Park City where we have seen a significant jump in such stunning new condos like the Visionaire. Battery Park City oozes lifestyle quality.

    It is the non new condos that concerns me. 2 South End Avenue and 21 Regatta with their stale look and feel of the common areas. They really need an overhall new look in common areas as we see it plays a big role in the whole performance of a building.

    I am a resident for 15 years and a mommy for 5 years. I love my Battery Park City.

  5. Editor says:

    To Maria

    I agree. The whole dead end cul-de-sac on South End is creepy, with its crappy restaurants and old apartments. And of course, the Gristedes should be condemned.

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