BPC man sues ex-wife for hiding Twitter stock during divorce proceedings

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twitterhusbandandwifeNovember 27, 2013- The NY Post is reporting that a man in BPC is suing his ex-wife for hiding her early-stage equity investment in Twitter during their divorce proceedings, “Stuart Strumwasser, 47, who plays in an indie rock band and recently launched a natural soda brand, claims his Wharton- and Columbia-educated ex, Jennifer Johnson, 46, told him she was taking a trip to visit her brother shortly before their divorce in 2006. “However, Johnson secretly went to San Francisco to meet with her first ex-husband,” Strumwasser’s Manhattan Supreme Court suit alleges. “She also met with one or more of the founders of Twitter,” according to court papers.

Johnson, a Battery Park City resident, filed for divorce six months later and Strumwasser claims she milked him for exorbitant child support, considering he was only making $43,000 the year they split. Strumwasser says he discovered his wife’s secret when he recently stumbled across her LinkedIn page. Her profile says “she is a first round investor in Twitter.” But Johnson was allegedly mum about her investing during the divorce proceedings even though the value of Twitter was “rapidly appreciating” in 2007 when the couple reached a settlement.”

What is this Twitter you speak of?

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