BPC North Gets New PEP Sub-Station

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Map of new PEP officeOn the BPCA website:

June 28, 2013 Battery Park City North Gets New PEP Sub-Station; Open House Monday

New York State’s Battery Park City Authority is pleased to announce that as of Monday, July 1, the Parks Enforcement Patrol (PEP) will begin operating  its “BPC North Command” to augment PEP service to our vibrant North Neighborhood.  PEP service will continue on a 24/7 basis at The Regatta building in our beautiful South Neighborhood, located on the western end of West Thames Street.

The new PEP North Command office at 212 North End Avenue, will be staffed from 11 a.m. to 7 p.m., seven days a week. North Command officers will report directly to the new station, which will reduce deployment time to northern Battery Park City. From that facility, friendly PEP officers will assist in providing information and first aid; officers can be dispatched to address park conditions, assist in finding a lost child or summon emergency medical services. It also will provide a safe haven for children and adults.

“Enhancing public safety is a top priority for our community,” said BPCA President Demetrios Boutris, “and locating a sub-station at The Verdesian gives a permanent PEP presence in our North Neighborhood’s beautiful parks.”

An open house will be held on Monday, starting at 11 a.m. for the public to meet “The PEPs,” learn more about local events and programs and to greet “McGruff, the anti-crime dog,”  who is a favorite among the younger set.PEP office North

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  1. River Terrace Resident says:

    Great. If they work twice as hard or half as hard as the southern outpost of the PEP will still amount to nothing. Anything multiplied by zero will still be zero. The PEPs have yet to prove to me otherwise.

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