BPC now has four of the best restaurants in NYC

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cropped-El-Vez-outdoor-seating-sunset-6-21-2014-summer-solstice11.jpgAugust 29, 2014- By Steven E. Greer

Battery Park City now has four of the best restaurants in the city, all clustered together on Vesey and North End Ave.

The new El Vez is the best Mexican restaurant in the city. Even though they are still tinkering with the menu, the quality of ingredients and the good crowd make it the best.

North End Grill has been revived from asystole with new chef Eric Korsh. It will be awarded 3-stars soon. It also has a great outdoor seating area, finally. Famous actors, such as Will Smith and Leo di Caprio are often seen there.

Blue Smoke has now also been turned around by a new chef, Jean-Paul Bourgeois. It is slightly less expensive than North End Grill, and is a great place for regular dining. The live music acts are something that could be a big deal, if they take off.

The fourth restaurant is Shake Shack. Their weird experiment with the French fries is over, so it is back to being a nice place. The friendly staff at Shake Shack is what differentiates it the most from other lesser burger joints. For example, one young lady remembered my face, and I had not been in for six months.

In two years, BPC is supposed to have even more places. Parm and a tapas place by Jose Garces are scheduled to open. A third major sit-down restaurant will also go in the spot occupied now by P.J. Clarke’s. It will be an embarrassment of riches (if the idiots at Brookfield hurry up with the renovations).

Soon, my dream of never having to get into a taxi or subway again will be realized.

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