BPC Public library develops horrible body odor smell

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Homeless in McDonaldsDecember 21, 2013- By Steven E Greer

At the last CB1 meeting held at the BPC Library, the smell of body odor was unbearable. The library staff explained that homeless people are using the facility for shelter and that they are not allowed to evict them.

Today, a viewer sent an email with similar complaints. The viewer cc’d BP.TV on a memo sent to the head of the New York Public Library, “I went to your Battery Park City branch today to read, and it literally smells like feces. I had to immediately leave. Please crack a window and get some air freshener. “.

Related, we noticed that the Tribeca McDonald’s is also a spot where the homeless are finding refuge.


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One Response to BPC Public library develops horrible body odor smell

  1. Deborah Salant says:

    I walked into the library for the first time and could not believe the odor.
    It smells like dirty diapers!!

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