BPCA adds the first board member who actually lives in BPC

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March 19, 2012  By Steven Geer, MD

The New York legislature confirmed the first board member of the BPCA who actually lives in Battery Park City. Martha Gallo, an executive with JP Morgan, and local resident, was nominated by Governor Cuomo.

Martha Gallo, new BPCA board member

Assembly Speaker Silver posted this comment on his web site, “”I am thrilled to announce that…my recommendation of Martha Gallo to serve on that board has been confirmed. I want to thank Senator Daniel Squadron for his efforts on behalf of Martha’s nomination and for his strong commitment to the people of Battery Park City.”

Speaker Silver went on to endorse the current leadership of the BPCA who are not residents of BPC, “Martha will be a strong voice for Battery Park City residents and will be a fierce advocate for our community. With this addition, and under the extremely capable leadership of Board Chairman Bill Thompson and President Gayle Horwitz, Battery Park City residents have the talented and responsive representatives they deserve.”

A second BPCA board member, Robert Mueller, is widely credited as also being a resident of BPC. BatteryPark.TV has exclusively learned that this is not the case. In fact, Mr. Mueller is selling his BPC apartment and has purchased a new primary residence on Park Avenue and 56th Street in Midtown Manhattan.

As previously reported, State Senator Squadron is advocating for a change in leadership and structure of the BPCA to better represent to people it services and taxes. Currently, many consider the situation to be a “Taxation without representation.” On March 29th, the BPCA will host a “town hall”.


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One Response to BPCA adds the first board member who actually lives in BPC

  1. Steve M. says:

    So —- Thompson is a NO SHOW again. TERMINATE THEM !!!

    Also, having quarterly town hall meeting is every 3 months. THe BPCA missed another date.

    My heart feels for you people in the police state of bpc.

    It is frustrating to have the lawns all locked up for over 50% of the year. Thats sad.

    Good luck with the battle.

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