BPCA CFO, Robert Serpico, spotted coming out of cigar lounge

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Robert Serpico 8-20-2013January 8, 2016- by Steven E. Greer

I was walking by the Davidoff of Geneva cigar store and spotted Robert Serpico, the CFO of the BPCA, stumbling out of the cigar smoking lounge. It was 2:30 in the afternoon on a Friday.

The last time we checked, back in 2015, Mr. Serpico was raking in a $205,000 salary from the BPCA, which is funded by your tax dollars. If he is goofing off in the middle of the workday in a cigar lounge, what else is he doing?

Also, who goes to a smelly cigar lounge, then returns back to a modern work space, such as his BPCA office? That is 1960’s Mad Men good-ole-boy behavior; when men had martini lunches and slapped women on the ass.

Davidoff of Geneva lounge

Did BPCA’s General Counsel get a raise in exchange for not investigating Robert Serpico’s latest sexual harassment scandal?

Exclusive: BatteryPark.TV confirms that Robert Serpico’s assistant filed a complaint with the federal government over sexual harassment

Exclusive: Robert Serpico allegedly crossed the line from mere inappropriate harassment to physical touching and sex with BPCA employees

Exclusive: BatteryPark.TV obtains sexually inappropriate emails sent by CFO Robert Serpico to BPCA staff

BPCA slapped with another federal lawsuit

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