BPCA Chairman Mehiel has paid all of the relevant elected officials

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Stop Albany Pay to Play sign BPCA 1-22-2015January 24, 2015- Did you ever wonder why the local elected officials did not do more to save Mike Fortenbaugh’s marina other than write toothless letters? They could have introduced bills or other measures in their respective legislative bodies, but they did not. When the BPCA illegally locked out Mr. Fortenbaugh from his marina, they could have had the police get involved or investigate, but they did not.

Why did no elected official but one attend the crucial BPCA board meeting this week to support Mr. Fortenbaugh, as they claimed to support him in their letters? Only Gale Brewer was there. Why?

Well, you have to be the biggest dullard in the New York to not know the answer as to why the politicians let Mr. Fortenbaugh fail. They were paid handsomely by his opponent, BPCA Chairman Dennis Mehiel (who owns a 148-foot yacht and $40 Million apartment).

Mehiel 2 BPCA 1-22-2015The New York State Board of Elections lists the campaign donation made by Mr. Mehiel. Just since 2012, he has paid $365,640 to New York politicians. The recipients include Governor Cuomo (of course, since he was appointed by the governor), Sheldon Silver (that is a given in New York politics), State Senator Daniel Squadron, City Comptroller Scott Stringer, NY AG Schneiderman, Manhattan DA Cyrus Vance, Mayor de Blasio, and many others.

Gale Brewer was apparently not on the Mehiel gravy train. Coincidentally(?), she was the only official to attend the BPCA meeting.

Protestors attending the recent BPCA board meeting, whereby the marina RFP was awarded to other big donors to the governor, held up signs “Stop Albany pay-to-play”. This is what they were angry about.

How has the BPCA been able to get away with so many scandals, including firing African American female lawyers who were simply investigating sexual harassment complaints against the BPCA? Well, every agency that could truly investigate Mehiel’s BPCA is on Mehiel’s payola list.


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  1. Callahan says:

    wonder if US Attorney Preet Bharara knows about this

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