The one-percenter who runs BPC

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BN-FH026_1030PP_J_20141029170033Update January 20, 2015- It gets better. Mr. Mehiel owns a 148-foot mega-yacht called Helios.

October 30, 2014- The WSJ reports that Dennis Mehiel is trying to sell his Upper East Side mansion for $35 Million. It has 17 rooms and is 10,300 square feet.


From the looks of it, there is no wonder that the fearless leader of our community is so aloof, never once having a Town Hall.

Why might Mr. Mehiel be looking to move? Hmm.

When Mr. Mehiel made the unusual move of making himself the CEO, he became directly responsible for every single BPCA scandal that has taken place on his watch. Sources tell us that Albany is now running the show at the BPCA, and that Mr. Mehiel has been pushed aside.

Exclusive: NY State Civil Rights department investigates the BPCA

BPCA engages in same legal charades as Governor Christie

Did BPCA’s General Counsel get a raise in exchange for not investigating Robert Serpico’s latest sexual harassment scandal?

Did Robert Serpico obstruct an investigation into sexual harassment at the BPCA?

Exclusive: Mehiel’s BPCA administration hires a record 18 staff in one year

BPCA violates anti-nepotism laws to make internal investigation go away, whistleblower claims

Exclusive: BPCA execs award themselves 29% salary hike

Allegations of BPCA mishandling RFP contracts leads to reversal of large contract

Huge conflict of interest created by the BPCA hiring new President Shari Hyman

Exclusive: Did former BPCA President Boutris really join a California consulting firm?

BPCA intentionally allowed Pier A to flood, collects FEMA money

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