BPCA conceals budget documents that should be public

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BudgetMarch 13, 2013 By Steven E. Greer

The BPCA recently refused to properly answer a Freedom of Information request for the full proposed 2013 budget that was discussed in January. All that was delivered was the same one-page spreadsheet that is on the BPCA website. In fact, all of the past years of budgets are also not properly displayed for the public. Only available are the one-page spreadsheets.

What is the BPCA hiding? There are many large expenditures that are opaque and not transparent.

For example, why did the “salaries” expense item stay the same this year despite the BPCA firing 19 employees? How many employees are there and now who got raises? Who received the $1.6 Million in grants and donations? Why is more than $5 Million in expenses categorized as “other”?

Despite some signs of improvement, the BPCA is still an opaque organization with many on the staff who seem to be paid to be full-time misinformation officers. With $221 Million in excess generated by the BPCA, residents of Battery Park City deserve to know how their tax money is being spent. The entire budget documents should be posted online for the public to see.

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  1. JFC says:

    Unfortunately, the odious Tessa Huxley probably got a large raise.

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