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Bike path weeds gone looking south 6-20-2015Update June 20, 2015- The weeds are gone, in no small part due to BatteryPark.TV. However, the Route 9A median, also to be cared for by the BPCA, is not yet touched.

9A median weeds looking north 6-20-2015 9A median weeds looking south 6-20-2015 Bike path weeds gone looking north 6-20-2015_____________________________________________________

June 3, 2015- By Steven E. Greer

As a direct result of BatteryPark.TV reporting raising awareness of the problem, the BPCA announced at the CB1 meeting that it has agreed to take care of the park land along the bike path by “Pataki Highway”, as well as the strip of land in the median of the West Side Highway. The BPCA will pay a contractor for the highway median work, and the Parks Conservancy will handle the Pataki Highway areas.

Recall, the BPCA was not caring for the weed infested property claiming that they were “not allowed” given the uncertainty of ownership of the land. The HRPT originally owned the land, but a new state law passed seemed to have change control over to the BPCA.

At the CB1 meeting, BPCA staffer Robin Forst claimed that “an agreement” had been made, which was the breakthrough needed. BP.TV asked exactly what that meant, and the question of ownership of the land has still not been resolved. The agreement for the BPCA to care for the land is only for two years.

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