BPCA long-time CFO, Robert Serpico, leaving

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Robert Serpico 8-20-2013Update December 7, 2016- Today was BPCA CFO Robert Serpico’s last public board meeting. Unlike the numerous other “retirement” of long-time BPCA officials who received a dog and pony show sendoff, Serpico was given no applause or speech by CEO Mehiel, etc.

A new CFO has not been announced. Seemingly acting as the temporary CFO during the meeting was Jim Haddon, head of strategic marketing at Ramirez & Co., Inc., which is BPCA’s investment advisor.

September 21, 2016- by Steven E. Greer, MD

The scandal-plagued Robert Serpico, the only CFO that the BPCA has known, the controller of lucrative state bond issuances, is leaving the BPCA, it was announced on September 20th by Chairman Dennis Mehiel. The BPCA would not elaborate and when and why he will be leaving.

Exclusive: Are the BPCA bonds risky junk with AAA ratings?

Did BPCA’s General Counsel get a raise in exchange for not investigating Robert Serpico’s latest sexual harassment scandal?

Exclusive: Did BPCA’s CFO Robert Serpico misappropriate $4.2 Million NY State grant money?

Exclusive: BatteryPark.TV confirms that Robert Serpico’s assistant filed a complaint with the federal government over sexual harassment

Exclusive: Robert Serpico allegedly crossed the line from mere inappropriate harassment to physical touching and sex with BPCA employees

Exclusive: BatteryPark.TV obtains sexually inappropriate emails sent by CFO Robert Serpico to BPCA staff

Did Robert Serpico obstruct an investigation into sexual harassment at the BPCA?

BPCA board circles the wagons to support CFO Robert Serpico

Exclusive: New York Court Disciplinary Committee to investigate BPCA lawyers Shari Hyman and Seema Singh

Federal court refuses to dismiss lawsuit by Kirk Swanson against the BPCA

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  1. Nick Sbordone says:

    After more than 30 years with BPCA, Bob is retiring at the end of November.

    Hope that’s helpful to you and appreciate your checking in.

    Nicholas Sbordone

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