BPCA posts announcement about Asphalt Green repair work

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January 24, 2013 By Steven E. Greer, MD

The BPCA posted a significant announcement on the website stating the details of the flood damage to the community center. More importantly, they verify our exclusive reporting that the work is actually underway, and that Asphalt Green is the designated company to manage the facility.

From the web site

BPCA in Full Post-Storm Remediation Mode

At Asphalt Green Community Center January 23, 2013

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The temporary power flowing to the community center enables lights to shine and portable heaters to keep the interior from getting cold. The following photos illustrate some of the most severely affected areas in the wake of Hurricane Sandy that the Battery Park City Authority is focused on restoring in order for the facility to be turned over to Asphalt Green for operation as a community center.

As noted earlier this month, flood waters got into the sub-cellar and submerged the essential transformers of the electrical system. The yellow-colored rust lines of the top two photos show the water line. Both transformers must first be replaced to restore full, permanent power to the facility. Heating, cooling and ventilation equipment housed there will be repaired or replaced as necessary.

The center has two swimming pools. Unsanitary storm water entered both of them as well as their equipment room. The larger pool, shown here, had 184,000 gallons of water drained. The smaller one was drained as well and both have been cleaned and disinfected. Their circulation pumps and motors must be replaced.

Water covered the wood flooring of the gymnasium and rubber flooring in two exercise rooms, ruining them all. Noticeable along the perimeter of the gym is about 24 inches of wall that was cut away after water was absorbed. Partial wall replacement is necessary. New gym flooring will be installed and sealed, but only after the heating system becomes operable as the wood must be cured or dried inside the gym to prevent warping before installation. Rubber flooring in the exercise rooms must be installed.

Not only was the essential elevator damaged beyond repair, a considerable amount of the storm water collected in the shaft’s pit which required environmentally approved pumping and removal. The elevator cab must be replaced as well.

Flood water overwhelmed and broke through the overhead door at the ball field maintenance facility. Water pressure damage to the lower slats clearly is visible. They will be removed and contrary to an earlier report, will be replaced by the same gauge of metal.

Additional damage, not shown here, will be remedied, but at this posting, the total duration of the remediation work has not been determined. Once the work is completed and the systems are in full operating order, Asphalt Green will assume occupancy and make preparations to open the center.

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  1. Alex says:

    Brilliant! BPCA finally addressed the issues nearly 3 months after Sandy… Not to mention weeks after BPTV/DTV gave us many updates… I would like, once again, to applaud Steven E. Greer and his team for relentlessly fighting for our community!

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