BPCA President’s husband asked to investigate Sheldon Silver

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Hyman Horwitz MadoffSeptember 25, 2014- By Steven E. Greer

The New York Joint Commission on Public Ethics is the designated authority investigate wronging by state elected officials. The Chairman of JCOPE is Daniel Horwitz, former defense lawyer for Bernie Madoff, and husband of the BPCA President Shari Hyman.

A local Gateway Plaza resident, Maureen Koetz, on the ballot as a republican challenger to Sheldon Silver in the assembly, filed a lengthy complaint with JCOPE about Sheldon Silver (see PDF here). She dredges up the big scandals, such as Mr. Silver’s ongoing federal lawsuit related to mishandling of sexual harassment cases, his conflicts of interest from his job at a law firm, and other matters.

Stay tuned. JCOPE is sure to act and vigorously investigate Mr. Silver (sarcasm).

KoetzSheldon Silver accusers in federal court

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