BPCA updates plans for the West Thames turf field project

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Digging begins on West Thames field 12-3-2015December 3, 2015- The actual digging has begun.

West Thames turf project 12-2-2015December 1, 2015- by Steven E. Greer

At the CB1 meeting tonight, the BPCA presented slides of the plans for the new West Thames artificial turf field. Along the border of the field and the sidewalk will be a row of planters with trees. The BPCA claims that the city agency that approves changes to public spaces is forcing them to add this, presumably to offset for the loss of green grass.

There will also be two misting stations that will cool off the people using the field. No one explained why these were essential, but the reason is that these artificial turf fields become dangerously hot in the summer. Just in the news this past summer, members of a local high school football team burned their hands after they performed crawling exercises.

Also not brought up whatsoever was the questionable safety of the rubber pellets used to be used in the field. The BPCA’s Robin Forst claimed that they are not rubber, that they are “polyethylene”. Of course, that is an absurd attempt to call “rubber” by its chemical name and obfuscate.

The uniformed CB1 members failed to raise this real safety concern, but instead tried to portray the new planters as safety risks, since kids play on the sidewalk. Even though the planters will take up just a width of a few feet, CB1 member Jeff Mihok obsessed over this loss of space for many minutes.

Mihok even asked the BPCA whether it would be possible to tear down the trees in Rector Park and turn it into a playing field. BatteryPark.TV then quickly interjected by saying, “Mind your own business. You don’t live there. We do.”.

Mihok replied, “I live here too…”

BP.TV replied, “You have no authority in this community. You are an unelected appointed schmuck”.

The BPCA claims that construction will start any day. However, why they are beginning in the winter is unknown.


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2 Responses to BPCA updates plans for the West Thames turf field project

  1. dellajo says:

    For those interested in the overwhelming scientific evidence that artificial turf is dangerous, click this link: https://www.ehhi.org/turf/index.shtml.

  2. mpbraverman says:

    I thought polyethylene is a plastic. Synthetic Rubber is a blend of materials and if it were to be used in a playground, we would want to know the components.

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