BPCA’s Fernando Mateo no longer listed as board member

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cropped-People-who-left-BPCA-thompson-anne-fenton-demitri-boutris-matt-monahan-gayle-horwitz-mateoJuly 2, 2014- By Steven E. Greer, MD

BatteryPark.TV has reported on the ever growing period of absence of BPCA board member Fernando Mateo. He is now no longer listed on the BPCA’s website. Our speculation that he was removed is now confirmed.

Sources close to the BPCA have explained that board members cannot be secretly fired or dismissed. There has to be a public discussion.

BP.TV has watched all of the BPCA board meetings over the last several years, and has also asked the BPCA for comment about the missing Mateo. No discussion of Mr. Mateo’s absence was ever made during public session. The BPCA also never replied to our questions.

Once again, this BPCA, chaired by Dennis Mehiel, is making a mockery of the public meeting laws, or so it would seem. Mr. Mehiel’s liberal use of “executive session” seems to be violating the open meeting law.

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