BPCA’s new community liaison Robin Forst carries on the Anne Fenton ways

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March 11, 2014- By Steven E. Greer

In the eBroadsheet today (BS) today, Matt Fenton writes about the large renter population that makes BPC unique from Tribeca, where most people own their apartments. He makes no mention of the previous exclusive observations on this topic first reported by BatteryPark.TV.

Also, it appears as if Robin Forst, the new media relations staffer hired by the BPCA, is picking up where Anne Fenton and Matt Monahan left off, by selectively feeding stories to the BS.

On February 18th, BP.TV asked Ms. Forst via email, “Can you please give us the number that the BPC estimates to be the number of actual owned apartments, and the number of units that are rented?”, to which she replied in email, “Please submit this as a FOIL request, to our FOIL officer.”.

In the BS article today, those data are reported, which likely came from the BPCA. If in fact Ms. Forst divulged the data on the number of apartments selectively only to the BS’s Matt Fenton without him having to resort to a FOIL request, while refusing to divulge the same data to BP.TV, then Ms. Forst broke the law. Anne Fenton and Matt Monahan routinely selectively released stories and information only to the BS, (and occasionally to other local sources that the BPCA had biased by placing advertisements).

This would not be the first time that the Dennis Mehiel administration has pushed the envelope of state law governing authorities such as the BPCA (see stories below).

When BP.TV called Ms. Forst today, she did not take the call. The receptionist passed on our message with phone number, and Ms. Forst did not reply.

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