Tour bus collides with car at dangerous West Thames and Battery Place intersection

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Tour bus collides with car at West Thames wide lowJuly 18, 2014 (2:00 PM)- By Steven E. Greer, MD

Today, at the infamous intersection of West Thames and Battery Place, where the DOT is in the process of installing safety measures, a double-decker tour bus collided with a sedan. Numerous EMS and fire trucks arrived at the scene.

The DOT plans to install 4-way stop signs have stalled. The concrete media was created several weeks ago, but the rest of the work never began, for unknown reasons. Moreover, a second concrete media by the Citi Bike rack was originally planned, but a small group protestors in 200 Rector Place persuaded Milford Management to lobby the DOT and BPCA to cancel those plans.

Designs to implement safety measures along the entire stretch of South End Avenue were also cancelled after the BPCA told the DOT to not proceed. The BPCA claims that it is “studying the problem” and will solve the problem internally. However, those plans are years away. In the meantime, South End Avenue remains an unsafe eyesore.

Tour bus collides with car at West Thames 2 low

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2 Responses to Tour bus collides with car at dangerous West Thames and Battery Place intersection

  1. Battery Park Dad says:

    Argh . . . when will this end? Why would the BPC oppose ANYTHING that will make our arteries safer?

    BPC has always attracted a community that embraces transport by foot and bike and the increase in traffic from Goldman’s Black Cars and the WTCs non-stop tour buses are contrary to why many (most) live here. Has to be some money or leverage someplace that being placed ahead of the community.


    Rector and South End, with no traffic management, Battery Park Nursery on the corner and tons of pedestrians crossing each morning is the next “hot spot”. It’s only a matter of time.

  2. Karen says:

    South End and Gateway Plaza is a pretty bad spot. You have people crossing where cars taxi go speeding around the taxi line not seeing the pedestrians crossing the street, a bike lane and a bus stop.

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