Broadsheet, absent throughout Hurricane Sandy, posts self-congratulatory letter

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November 16, 2012

The publisher of the local advertising flier The Broadsheet, Robert Simko, and his employee “Pulitzer” Matt Fenton, were both silent throughout the Hurricane Sandy aftermath, publishing nothing for days on end. Therefore, we find it quite offensive that Mr. Simko published a self congratulatory letter thanking him for being a beacon of light in tough times.

The letter stated, “…You are to be congratulated on your endurance and altruism.  Providing all the contact information in today’s edition is just one instance of you weathering adversity to keep us informed.  -Beverly Hegmann

This is insulting beyond belief to all of the first responders and journalists who provided real-time updates throughout the storm, flooding, and power outages. In fact, BatteryPark.TV was the only source for updates in all of Downtown for many days after the storm. Chef Floyd Cardoz of North End Grill said, “I want to thank (BatteryPark.TV) for your constant updates (after the storm). That was the only thing I had to go by.“, and those sentiments can be read in the comments section to our stories.

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