Broadsheet omits key fact from story on changes to park rules

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Dog on west thames grassJune 23, 2015- By Steven E. Greer

The local advertising flier called the Broadsheet (BS) misled the community, once again, with bias by omission. Writer Matt Fenton reported on the new changes to the BPC parks that were announced at the June 9th BPCA board meeting. The BS article pointed out the silliness of the changes and how they were never made public in a reasonable manner. However, the most important rule change was not discussed in the article.

The BPC Parks Conservancy will now let dogs into “No Dog” areas of the parks if the owner claims that they are “therapy dogs”. Recall, service dogs are specially trained animals to help the blind or otherwise disabled person. “Therapy dogs” are the growing trend that allow virtually any perfectly healthy individual bring their pet onto airplanes or into restaurants, claiming the dogs help them with mental issues. The “licensing” process for therapy dogs is operated by non-government organizations that have declared by fiat that they are legitimate, and the elected politicians lack the courage to stand up to this perversion of handicap law.

Mr. Fenton and the publisher of the BS, Robert Simko, are both dog owners. hey have been involved for years in the pro-dog organization in the area.

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