Brookfield Equinox now signing up members for 2015

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Brookfield Liberty Street entrance 6-2-2014September 24, 2014- By Steven E. Greer

The Brookfield Place Equinox will occupy the entire space on the third floor that is above the Hudson Eats. Equinox managers have set up a temporary office in the Winter Signing up new members for the planned opening in February of 2015.

Wise BPC residents recall all too well how Asphalt Green signed up early members, and then failed to open for more than a year after the promised date. Can this gym be trusted?

We asked the General Manager, Scott Lakoff, “How certain are you that the building is really constructing your gym right now and that it will really be ready in February? Have you seen the construction?”. He replied, “Yes I have seen the construction, so I am 100% certain they are building it. We are confident in an early 2015 open date. February is what we are aiming for, and we will be keeping all our members updated if there are any delays.”

The advantage to signing up now is that the early birds will get a discount. Given the very unreliable track record of Brookfield Place and their renovation, the discount offered had better be steep.

(Aside: Will this Equinox be the final nail in the coffin for the already struggling Asphalt Green, and relegate it to being nothing buy a summer camp company?)

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3 Responses to Brookfield Equinox now signing up members for 2015

  1. David P says:

    I think the clientele of AG and Equinox are quite different, and even with discounts, Equinox will be pricier than AG by far.

  2. Mike M says:

    What is the monthly fee?

  3. Deme says:

    It is mostly on the 4th fl with the reception on 3

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