Brookfield hides the new ICE cooking school behind security gates

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225 Liberty entrance to Brookfield 1-11-2015September 10, 2015- by Steven E. Greer

The biggest opening in Brookfield Place is probably a totally mystery to most BPC residents. The 70,000 square foot ICE cooking school, twice the size of Le District, is hidden away behind security turnstyles, and Brookfield has also not allowed them to put up any signage.

I have tried twice just to see the entrance, and the security desk has shot me down both times. They ask, “Do you have a contact person?”. Well, no, I don’t. I want to see the damn place first.

I called ICE and this is not a temporary setup. This is how they plan to conduct business.

Meanwhile, the press person for ICE has been very unresponsive to our invitations to feature them. They have expressed interest, then dropped the ball. They are also not advertising anywhere that we have seen.

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