Brookfield shuts down the only artery between north and south BPC for two days

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Lowdown Hudson Blues stage 7-16-2014 low resJuly 16, 2014- By Steven E. Greer

Tonight and tomorrow, the Lowdown Hudson Blues is taking place this year, once again. It is produced by Brookfield Properties.

The event takes up the entire public space of the esplanade by the marina, and blocks off the only bike and pedestrian route between the south and north communities of BPC. Because of the Brookfield Place renovations that are behind schedule, pedestrians can no longer walk through the World Financial Center (now called Brookfield Place), and have to dodge bicyclists along the esplanade.

That is on a good day. When an event like the Hudson Blues takes place, all cyclists have to dismount and walk their bikes through a narrow path, bumping into pedestrians sharing the same space.

As a reporter, I walked to the marina and esplanade to take some photos, using an interchangeable lens camera. As I raised the camera, a private security guard hired by Brookfield told me that photographs with such a camera were not allowed, however one could film all they wanted to with a cell phone camera. It seemed like an odd policy to me, especially since Brookfield had numerous expensive professional video cameras stationed throughout the event.

Knowing that the BPC community was being inconvenienced by the event that promotes the brand recognition of the private real estate company more than entertains the local community, I wondered if Brookfield had the proper permits.

I asked Brookfield staff near the “VIP” party to see the permit. They sent me to a different tent of Brookfield staff, and again, no permit could be produced.

At this time, a tall security manager for the Mulligan security company began to harass me. He wanted to see my ID, which I refused to show him. He then said, “We do not have to show you our permit”.

I left without argument and spoke to several NYPD officers nearby. I also called the precinct, which was finally able to confirm that a permit existed.

If you have any comments about this two-day event of loud noise and inconvenience, please send us your comments.

Mulligan security Roberts 7-16-2017

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6 Responses to Brookfield shuts down the only artery between north and south BPC for two days

  1. Jesse says:

    Steven, did you attend the event last night ? I think free events like this are wonderful for the community, the music was great and the turnout was incredible. i think you are a little worked up about cyclists having to get off their bikes and walk 2 minutes.

    I really enjoy this website, most of the articles are very informational in regards to the community, restaurants and upcoming events, but this read was a flat out waste of time. I hope you locate all your permits.

  2. Editor says:

    Hi Jesse

    Don’t jump to conclusions. I never said that I oppose free outdoor music on our public land. Today’s Robert Cray should be nice.

    What I am pointing out is a nuanced matter regarding our rights and how special interests think they can do whatever they want.

    A Canadian conglomerate real estate company, Brookfield, run by people so incompetent that the CEO was fired and their renovations are years behind schedule, thinks that they have the right to shut down the only artery connecting BPC, and then dictate to journalists that they cannot take photos while standing on the public strip left open for bikes and pedestrians. Then, they have the arrogance to be dismissive when asked to see any form of permit.

    People in BPC need to start waking up and not accepting that whatever Brookfield does is just fine and legal. This is your property, not Brookfield’s. They just lease here, at sweetheart deals cut after they donate to campaign funds. Brookfield is even suckering your BPCA to pay the cost of the fancy new Brookfield Place.

    By the way, this same Brookfield is setting up necessary scaffolding over PJ Clarke’s just to make them leave their lease early. This creates an eyesore for the community.

  3. Jeff Lerner says:

    “Knowing that the BPC community was being inconvenienced by the event that promotes the brand recognition of the private real estate company more than entertains the local community, I wondered if Brookfield had the proper permits.”

    Why do you presume to know that the entire community was inconvenienced and not entertained? I went with my family, including two small children, and we had a great time enjoying excellent music in a beautiful setting–for free!

    And what makes you think they’re obligated to show you their permits?

    Your blog would be a lot more credible if you stuck to reporting facts instead of commenting on everything that happens in the community from the perspective of someone who presumes to know what’s best for everyone who lives here.

  4. Editor says:

    to Jeff

    As someone like yourself who works in a public relations firm, employed by Brookfield Properties, you have very little credibility in your support for Brookfield events. If the community likes these events so much, as you claim, then why is virtually every single permit application that goes before the CB1 challenged by the community? Why are the numerous charity walks and runs that go through BPC viewed as a noisy nuisance?

    Why was this poorly planned event placed in the worst possible location given a permit in secret, and the community was never informed of the planning?

    Do you think that the community would have cheered this on if they were told months ago in a public meeting, “We plan to shut off the only connection between north and south BPC for two days to have bands you have never heard of play. And since it is free, people from all over the city will flock to the event, making it impossible for you the local person to get a good seat.”?

  5. James says:

    I wholeheartedly agree that Brookfield should relocate this event to the upper terrace or great lawn until the construction detours (that they caused) are lifted

    Do our taxes pay for this, do you know?

  6. Backalackus says:

    evict brookfield

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