Gristedes South should be closed down immediately

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September 22, 2014- By Steven E. Greer, MD

Yesterday, 9-21-2014, I purchased some “fresh” unfrozen broccoli in plastic wrap from Gristedes South. Today, I went to cook it and it was completely rotten on the inside with white mold.

Moldy Gristedes broccoli 9-22-2014 lowGristedes broccoli package low

The label said “Sell by 9-20-2014”, so they sold outdated produce. It was packed on 9-16-2014.

The entire Gristedes South is a mess as they try to renovate yet not lose a dime of money and stay open. This is creating a dangerous environment.

We caution against purchasing any food from Gristedes.

Grocery stores are regulated by the state agriculture department. You can send your comments to



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2 Responses to Gristedes South should be closed down immediately

  1. Kloreece says:

    Do NOT leave what must be Gristides North (at Gareway Plaza) out. It has to be equally disgusting. Or, at least it’s near equal in disgusting. It is and has always been back to Red Apple days — disgusting.

  2. Janet Oliaro DiPalma says:

    Gristedes South is so unkept! I just wonder what goes on behind the scenes! (Rodents).

    I don’t know how it can be remodeled without gutting it completely. North is not much better.

    I went to a beautiful Gristedes midtown east. Wouldn’t mind paying their high prices if the place were that inviting! Not to mention how wonderful some healthy competition would be having 2 DIFFERENT stores.

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